Robert the Bruce: A Warrior's King by Glen Legus

Do you remember Braveheart?

This is the true story of Robert the Bruce's struggle for Scot's independence.

After Edward usurped the Scots succession and subdued the country...

    Robert the Bruce's incredible feats of valor are “incredible” and belong in the realm of "things that only happen in the movies.”   Yet Robert’s story is in fact history, and though true his legend belongs with those of Hercules, Achilles, Beowulf, Arthur, and Lancelot.  

Read the adventure now!

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-Drew Arthur, Retired Deputy US Marshal, Marine, owner of Lone Star Martial Arts, and Black Belt.

 In Robert the Bruce,   Glen Legus has created a masterpiece in regards to his depiction of the Scottish Warriors through his usage of poetry. These Scottish Martial Artists (Warriors) have previously been depicted in film, and in print, but never have they shined so brightly as through the eloquent poetry of Glen Legus, a martial artist and warrior himself. 

-John Clayton Thomas, Professor of Public Admin, GSU, Author of Big City Politics in Transition

 "In Robert the Bruce:  A Warrior's King, Glen Legus relates the epic tale of the great Scottish hero and his fight for Scotland's independence in the Middle Ages.  The free verse style gives the narrative a lyrical quality that makes an already dramatic story all the more engaging.  Anyone who relishes a good adventure story will enjoy this book." 

-Mike Quinn, Retired Mpls PD, Ethics Expert, Authored Walking With the Devil: Police Code of Silence

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