G Legus & K Olsen

On August 1, 2007 the unthinkable happened.

 The I35W Bridge in Minneapolis collapsed, a major arterial interstate bridge in a big American city.   This doesn’t happen in the U.S.   But it does.

This book is about that event and how it impacted the lives of those on the bridge that day.   Glen tells the stories in verse of those on the bridge at that moment. 

Karge Olsen's Story

On the bridge that day Karge tells of his experience as it unfolds over the year following the collapse.   Karge shares how the evolution month to month of how that day changed his life, and how his life is now.   He describes for us what he’s done and been through in the year since the collapse.   Please remember that Karge’s narrative is only one man’s story of the struggle to survive, and to just get by, that has become the reality for those families that lost loves ones and for those seriously injured.   That’s why Karge decided to share his experience.   By telling his story he hopes you’ll have some idea of the enormity of  this event for those whose lives are now forever changed.

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