A Warrior's Love: A Book of Love Poems by Glen Legus

From the Foreword by Dr. Christine Jax:

 “...for humanity and not just for himself.  Glen clearly understands  what drives mere mortals: the quest for love and the meaning of life.   Through his poetry, Glen reaches our very souls because he is able to  beautifully illustrate love...”

      “Through A Warrior’s Love readers have the opportunity to explore their own loves and losses...”

       “...you will not find an insight into Mr. Legus, you will find an  insight into yourself and love’s place in your journey...”                                   

Deb Bunkholt: Black Belt and Hapkido Instructor; Executive Assistant to the Superintendent and School Board of Bloomington, Minnesota Public Schools; and Mother of Professional World Champion Kickboxer, C.B. Bunkholt

 Glen Legus demonstrates his talent as a versatile writer. I enjoyed his  previous works Robert the Bruce and Bridges Don’t Fall Down but his  unique collection of love poems is amazing. I believe there is strength  in tenderness and he captures this in A Warrior's Love. Mr. Legus, a  strong warrior himself, embraces life and love, and draws out the yin  and yang that exist in us all. These love poems will lift your spirit  and touch your heart. Some poems will make you laugh, some will make you  cry, some are so very romantic and tender, some elicit a hint of spice  ... a little something for everyone. I believe tenderness gives one  inner strength and peace. You will find it reading these poems. While  all chapters are engaging, the chapters on family and friends are  particularly inspiring and profound, as well as providing clarity of  vision. Enjoy the poetic journey through the eyes of a true and tender  warrior. 

Savoir the riches of love now...